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Everyday, United Ways Centraides across the country work to create opportunities for a better life for everyone in our communities. The issues they face may vary, but the values and driving them are the same, to improve lives and build community by engaging individuals and mobilizing collective action

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• Invest in a wide array of human service agencies that help local people transition from dependence to independence, and improve their quality of life.
• Work with community partners to find long-term solutions to social issues.
• Provide leadership and support to the non-profit sector, helping agencies operate more effectively and make the best use of resources.
• Provide a way for people to get involved in the community and make a difference.
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Research shows that the first six years of life are vital to raising a healthy child, and programs must be in place to help parents and guardians give children the right start.
For kids to be productive and succeed, they not only need the essentials – food, shelter and clothing – they need positive role models and opportunities for activities, resulting in healthy minds and bodies.
1 in 5
In Alberta, 1 in 5 students do not graduate from high school.