A Case For Giving


Research shows that the first six years of life are vital to raising a healthy child, and programs must be in place to help parents and guardians give children the right start.


For kids to be productive and succeed, they not only need the essentials – food, shelter and clothing – they need positive role models and opportunities for activities, resulting in healthy minds and bodies.

1 in 5

In Alberta, 1 in 5 students do not graduate from high school.


Many challenges can affect a child’s ability to learn. A child who is bullied can suffer self esteem issues and may skip school to avoid incidents. Other stressors can include physical or sexual abuse, drug or alcohol abuse, gang influences or learning disabilities.

$7.1 – $9.5 Billion per year is what poverty costs Albertans each year. Solutions to poverty come from the community that is focused on economic  and social inclusion, policy and systems change, and leveraging advantages for all.


Poverty is a complex issue that requires extensive energy and resources to address – something that can only be done with community

Facts & Stats

Participation by many partners and support throughout the community.


People become homeless for many reasons – leaving an abusive relationship, loss of employment, death of a major income earner, physical or mental disabilities, addictions, disasters, runaway children/youth and increased housing costs.


In Alberta, 53,000 children and youth live in poverty.

1,587 & 130

In just one day in 2010, 1,587 women and children were helped by Alberta shelters. On that same day, 130 women and children could not be accommodated.

1 in 5

It is projected that, by 2031, one in five Albertans will be over the age of 65. With this growing population, measures must be in place to ensure our seniors are supported, comfortable, safe and remain in their own homes for as long as possible.


The greatest barrier for those immigrating to Canada is language.  This creates difficulty accessing government services, using public transportation and even simple events like going to the store.  Due to failed expectations, these community members can suffer isolation, loss of community and personal supports, inter-generational conflict and racism.