The Agencies

 Grant Recipients
CNIB Public Education & Community Engagement

CNIB provides community based support, knowledge and a national voice to ensure Canadians who are blind or partially-sighted have the confidence, skills and opportunities to fully participate in life,

Brain Injury Relearning Services Community Education and Brain Injury Prevention.

Community education and injury prevention activities will be provided throughout Medicine Hat and Area.  This program reaches children and young adults, teaching them better decision making and awareness.  Ultimately reducing the likelihood and severity of injuries to our residents.


Brooks & District Women’s Safe Shelter DVIT Program DVIT provides a trauma informed approach to domestic violence for the families and community who are dealing with this issue. Medicine Hat Youth Action Society Healthy Active Living

The healthy active living program allows youth to be more socially active. The program teaches youth about fun healthy ways to stay active.


Girl Guides of Canada Volunteer Training and Leadership development.

Training assistance for Guiders to access better resources and enable them to provide a richer program for the girls.

Medicine Hat Champion Centre A Summer Home in the Morning

This program gives people at least one meal each day and provide warm clothing to those who need it.   The program provides human contact and help with emotional needs.

Lifetalk Counselling Counselling Subsidy Program

Lifetalk counselling provides sound counsel to individuals, couples, and families who are at risk in the community.

Medicine Hat Family Services Counselling Subsidy and Kids In the Middle Program

Counselling helps individuals, couples and families resolve social or personal problems.

Kids in the Middle program is a 7 week program attended by kids of divorce.  The children have weekly sessions with a counsellor in groups of 2-4.  Individual counselling is also available.

Salvation Army Hot Meal Program, Mom & Tots Program and Seniors Outreach

“Mom and Tots” is on Thursday morning, where moms can have a specific coffee time that addresses current issues facing young and single moms while allowing for infant and toddler interaction and development.

“Senior’s Drop In” is on Friday mornings where a coffee time is provided in a safe, accessible space with no restrictions on content programming or participation level.

The Hot Meal which currently serves approximately 70 people/day Monday-Friday (supper meal)


Medicine Hat Food Bank Healthy Bundles & Brown Bag Lunch

This program is aimed at mom’s and children early in pregnancy and support them throughout the first year of the child’s life by providing them access to food bank programs.

Provides a healthy lunch for students in the Medicine Hat and Redcliff area.

Parkinson Alberta Support and Education Services

Support and education services in the Medicine Hat Region are comprised of both genders, between the age 55-80+ living with Parkinson disease, the care partners and family members.

Redcliff Action Society for Youth After-school Program

This program starts at 3:30 with homework program, healthy snack and some physical activity.  While encouraging the youth to build strong relationships with all ages.


 S.E. Alberta Safety Alliance Society Trick or Treat No Regrets Cyber Safe

These programs are designed to help today’s youth with today’s problems.

YMCA  Youth Camp Program & Leaders in Training

Camp subsidies for families in financial distress.

Leadership program for youths in grades 7 to 12. It is a ten-month program where participants gain valuable experience and make a positive impact on the local community through volunteering.


 SPCA Humane Education Program

This program is targeted for younger children. the program is to each kindness, respect and compassion towards all beings.

MS Society     Community Wellness Support and Self Help Program

Information and support is offered at the local level here in Medicine Hat and area.


 Medicine Hat Women’s Shelter Society    The Treehouse Child Care Program                        

Serves the women and children accessing the Shelters and other programs of Medicine Hat Women’s Shelter Society. Treehouse provides specialized childcare for children ages 0 through 14 while their mothers participate in case management activities designed to help them recover from family violence and establish themselves safely in the community.