Loaned Rep Program

Getting involved
Getting involved is good for business, employees and the community! In addition to a providing rewarding community engagement experience, the Leadership Development Program provides Campaign Representatives with an unparalleled, hands-on leadership development opportunity that’s valuable to their career and to their employer. During their term, Campaign Representatives will acquire over 500 hours of hands-on experience and develop and hone skills such as:

  • Project Management
  • Goal setting and achievement
  • Leadership and facilitation skills
  • Time management
  • Relationship Management
  • Working effectively as a team member
  • Effective sales negotiation
  • Excellent customer service techniques
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Identification of opportunities
  • Plan development
  • Information Analysis
  • Sales and negotiations
  • Organization and facilitation
  • Public speaking and presentation

Each year, Campaign Representatives are challenged, changed, energized and return to their workplaces with a greater understanding of the social issues affecting the community, a renewed sense of confidence and motivation, new skills and perspectives, an expanded professional network and greater leadership potential. At the end of their term, the skills each Campaign Representative has developed and excelled at are identified and highlighted in a formal evaluation that is sent to their workplace.

Employees loaned or sponsored to United Way through the Leadership Development Program plan, implement, monitor and evaluate United Way’s annual Workplace Campaign. Working under the management and guidance of a United Way staff member, Campaign Representatives play a crucial role in providing leadership and customer service to more than 1,600 workplaces. They are a key resource during campaign and, with their help, we can be confident that we are developing and managing campaigns that will result in the greatest impact for the community. For more information about the role, please call the United Way offices at 403-526-5544.

Companies and organizations can participate in the program in one of two ways: either by loaning us a valued employee to act as a Campaign Representative or by sponsoring the hiring of a Campaign Representative to work with us during our annual campaign cycle from September through December. Loan an employee. Ideal candidates for the Leadership Development Program are confident, Self-reliant team players willing to take on new challenges. The diverse nature of workplaces that participate in the annual campaign ensure that there are opportunities for people with varying skill sets and experiences. Provide financial support. If you wish to support the program but are unable to send us one of your employees consider donating all, or part of, the $15,000* needed to hire one full-time Campaign Representative on your behalf. Access to a vehicle and a valid driver’s license are required for the duration of the term. * 15,000 covers the Campaign Representative’s salary, statutory benefits and training.


United Way values our partners and will recognize your contribution wherever possible. This includes formal online recognition, co-branding opportunities, and further public recognition where appropriate and possible.