Are you ready to make your community an stronger, more vibrant place to live?

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We’ll be glad to say we have your support when we make the world a little bit brighter.

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Why Give the United Way?


Making a donation to the United Way is the best way to make sure that the community around you has the resources it needs to be strong and vibrant. Whether that means making sure children have a safe place to play, that the homeless get fed or those in need of a safe place to stay are housed. No matter what the needs in the community are, you can be assured that by giving your support to the United Way, you will be ensuring that support will be available when and where it is needed most.

Cheque payable to:
United Way of South Eastern Alberta


  • Mail to #101 – 928 Allowance Avenue SE, Medicine Hat, Alberta T1A 3G7
  • Visa, MC, AMEX by calling the office at 403-526-5544
  • Scan QR code and donate via your mobile device

If you believe that supporting your community is important, please consider one of our many flexible giving options.


Two Types of Giving…

At United Way of South Eastern Alberta, we accept gifts for both our Community Fund, which is distrusted to local charities annually.  We will also accept designated gifts on behalf of thousands of other Registered Canadian Charities.  No matter how choose to give, all of our giving options are available to you.


Giving Options…

We truly appreciate your commitment to helping make our community a better place for all. Here are some of your flexible giving options:

Donate on-line – Click on the “Donate now” button, fill out the form. Feel good. It’s just that simple.


Scan & Donate From Your Mobile Device

Scan to Donate from Website

Workplace Campaigns – We work with business, big and small, across South Eastern Alberta in payroll deduction campaigns. If you would like to donate through your paycheque, talk to your Workplace Campaign Coordinator. If workplace dows not have a United Way Campaign, please contact us to learn about starting one!

Donate your time – If you or your company are interested in giving your time please consider volunteering. Each year, we have a variety of volunteer opportunities available. From administrative tasks, to special events, We are always looking for people who want to help.


Customized Leadership Giving-If there’s an area of interest where you really want to make a difference, we can help. We’ll talk about your interests and provide vital information for creating an effective giving strategy that meets your needs. If you would like to discuss customized giving solutions we encourage to you contact us to discuss your passion.

If you have any questions about the good your donation does, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also join the discussion on Twitter or on Facebook.

Your investment in the community has a positive impact on the quality of lives in Southern Alberta and is greatly appreciated.