Campaign Cabinet

Recruitment of the volunteer Campaign Cabinet has started. This is your chance to be a part of a exclusive group of volunteers who are deeply committed to their community.

As a Campaign Cabinet member, you will help to plan, implement, monitor, and evaluate United Way’s annual Campaign. You are a key resource during campaign and, with your help, we can be confident that we are developing and managing campaigns that will result in the greatest impact for the community. Campaign Associates receive training and experience in fundraising, project management, public speaking, sales, communications and marketing, negotiation, strategic analysis and planning as well as improved leadership, management and team-building skills.

If you have a few hours a month, want to learn more about why social service programs are vital in your community and want to make a positive change in your community then call us. We’ll show you how you can help. Call Melissa at 403-526-5544 or Click here to contact Melissa