What We Do

Invest in your Community. . .

Many things affect the health of a community, including poverty, crime, health and wellness, childcare, education, availability of , and access to, social supports and services, and much more. With this in mind, United Way invests in over 30 programs and several collaborative initiatives in 3 areas proven to be the foundational building blocks of healthy lives and communities: children and youth, financial stability and community wellness.

Investing in your community through your local United Way is an easy, effective and efficient way for you to contribute to real, lasting social change right here at home.
Community-minded and generous donors, like you, help make it possible for United Way of South Eastern Alberta to:

  • Bring together community leaders to identify needs and find solutions.
  • Invest in over 30 programs that collectively create a strategic, interconnected network of support for individuals and families.
  • Strengthen social agencies through longer-term funding commitments, shared research and resources to improve efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Research root causes and prevalence of social issues in our community.
  • Provide funding for vital research on a living wage and the cost and effects of poverty for Medicine Hat

United Way’s Three Investment Areas

Children and youth are our city’s future. Improving their well-being saves our city money and improves the quality of life for all residents.
United Way focuses on:

  • After School Programs providing structured and extracurricular activities for children and youth outside of school during critical hours*.
  • Mentoring for youth to increase school engagement and improve academic success.
  • Brown Bag Lunches to help kids focus and learn.
  • School supplies to help kids fit in with their peers and have the same advantage at the start of the year.

did you know*Critical hours: When youth are unsupervised during the hours spent outside of school, they are at greater risk for alcohol consumption, smoking, drug use, criminal activities, anger, depression, loneliness and decreased self-esteem. Research shows that involvement in quality after-school programming during these critical hours can help to offset these risks. Source: after The School Bell Rings, Upstart.

This strategy focuses on providing individuals and families with basic needs, financial stability, job skills and training, and housing supports.
In 2012, your support enabled United Way to invest in programs and in 3 collaborative initiatives to help individuals and families become financially stable.
For example, United Way-funded programs help:

  • People find and keep affordable housing.
  • Low-income families learn money management skills to help overcome and prevent poverty related issues.
  • To remove the stigma associated with individuals and families living in poverty.


For more than 30 years United Way of South Eastern Alberta has been providing support for programs that reduce barriers and encourage independence. Although, sometimes we cannot illuminate the root Cause of some of these issues, at least we can provide some comfort.

  • CNIB provides services for those affected by reduced sight or loss, from Children to Seniors.
  • Canadian Paraplegic Society provides counseling and services for individuals and families suffering from a Spin Cord Injury.
  • Brain injury relearning services is vital to the recovery and independence of an individual that has suffered a Head Trauma Accident*.
  • Most Recently United way invests in programs for those suffering the effects of Parkinson’s disease. Care givers and Parkinson’s Patients receive valuable information and can get help from much needed support groups.

*Brain Injury Relearning Services in Medicine Hat illuminates the need for clients to travel to Calgary up to 3 times a week for services.